Book your Cape Town Photographer. Im a passionate creative photographer and strive to satisfy my clients. I have a broad experience with various shoots ranging from fashion, creative and studio with lighting set up, property residential and comercial, weddings, corporate, events and birthdays. To view some more of my work please click on the link

Cape Town Wedding photographer. Let us capture your magical day with amazing images for you to remember for ever.
As a passionate photographer I'm also obsessed with fundamentals that make a great photograph: light (as well as shadows), composition, and emotion.
As your wedding photographer, I'll capture your poignant and sometimes crazy moments with creative twists that will remain timeless.
We grade the images in lightroom to give you the best results.

Cape Town Property Photogrphar, Book your realestate property photographer now in Cape town with years of experience. If you looking to sell or rent your property the photos are a great selling point that will catch your clients eye and make the difference

Property shoots start at R400  Family shoots start at R900  Fashion shoots start at R900  Wedding shoots start at R2900 Event / Corporate start at R1500

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Property Photographer Cape Town


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Technics SL- 1200 turn tables are the most widley used and world class product avaliable. For over ten years the SL1200MK2 has been the number one selling turntable for DJs. Remember what DJs used in the club before the 1200s? Nobody else does either. That's because our heavy-duty design, vibration-resistant construction, and mechanical precision make a lot of what those early DJs did possible. This deck was the first to feature a Direct Drive motor, quartz movement for total accuracy, adjustable tone arm weights, anti-skate control, a pop-up target light and a sliding pitch control. With each new improvement, as form follows function, the Technics turntable has become a thing of beauty.

Hire a pair of Technics SL 1200 Turntables (per day) forR600

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to extract the utmost creativity from the digital revolution. With ajustable pitch control, and scratch mode. Pioneer's CDJ-800 MK2 retains the key design themes found in many of Pioneer's CDJ products with a stylish new silver metallic finish and metallic buttons. Including digital-vinyl cuing and seamless real-time looping, reverse and much more. Enhanced features include support for MP3 CD format, a folder search facility and an improved 7-inch jog wheel. They allow you to create, cut and manipulate loops live using the new auto beat loop command and provide extra memory for storing cue/loop points. Supported by solid steel buttons and a metallic finish as well as brighter, clearer displays of data, The CDJ-800MK2 offers power, freedom and control.  Quick Return - Enables a track to return instantly again and again to a cue point just by pressing the surface of the Jog Wheel. Wide Pitch Control - DJs can use the 100 pitch control range to create new sound effects from opposite ends of the sound spectrum and also to BPM match completely different tracks.

Hire a pair of CDJ 800 Mk2' (per day) for R1200

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